What Building Blocks Need to be in Place When We Expand to a New Country?

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As Christian Science begins to reach around the world, so does The Albert Baker Fund! Over the last several months we’ve had a number of requests to expand our aid to new countries. We’ve been contacted by Christian Scientists in Angola, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Liberia, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Malawi, Peru, South Africa, and Togo!

What does it take to successfully serve Christian Scientists thousands of miles away from our Sacramento headquarters? Here are a few of the questions we ask ourselves when we receive requests from Christian Scientists to start a new program in a new country.

  1. Does this country have an active Christian Science community with at least one practitioner in the area?
  2. Are there trusted sources that can provide us with current data on reliable banking infrastructure, local laws, and reputable schools?
  3. What is the availability of educated volunteers (Christian Scientists) to assist with a local program?
  4. Do we have sufficient ABF staff to manage a new program, including interfacing with local representatives, volunteers and prospective students?
  5. What systems and measures would we need in order to approve students and schools in a new country?
  6. Do we have sufficient reasons to investigate this country on site?
  7. What would we need to budget to research, establish and maintain a new program, including funds for additional student grants?


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