What You Need To Know Before You Apply

A History of our College/Vocational Program

For more than 50 years, the Albert Baker Fund has been helping Christian Scientists pay for higher education. Like the Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, and her elder brother Albert Baker, we appreciate the value of education. Since 2004, we have expanded to now providing grants to eligible students in 13 African countries, as well as the UK, Europe, and The Philiippines.

Applicants for funding toward university, college, or vocational training must be active Christian Scientists, verified through church references and interviews with the In-Country Representatives in their region.
ABF reserves the right to approve or deny applications based on application requirements. A completed application does not necessarily guarantee approval.
  1. ABF does not provide funding for students wishing to study outside their home country. The exception to this policy is when a course of study desired cannot be obtained, either by course content or sufficiently professional standards, in the home country. If that situation can be demonstrated, ABF will consider funding a flat amount to paid directly to the university or college. In the case of CS nursing, the facility will be paid directly.
  2. ABF determines a maximum grant award each year for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a maximum for vocational training. This maximum can vary, so students should check with their region’s In-Country Representative (ICR) to verify that year’s amount.
  3. Applicants applying for funding for post-secondary education must be seeking either a degree or certificate. ABF does not fund extra-curricular courses or “enrichment courses.”
  4. ABF does not pay for coursework already completed.
  6. Grant payments are always and only made to schools on behalf of the student and to approved commercial student housing organizations on behalf of the student. Students never receive checks or cash individually.
  7. Students who fail to attend classes after ABF’s grant was paid to the school cannot under any circumstance withdraw the funds in their student account at the school. In these cases funds will be returned to ABF.
  8. If a student receives a failing grade, ABF will not award funds to re-take the class.
  9. Applicants must maintain a minimum of “passing” grades. If grades do not improve over time, ABF may not continue to support this student’s continuing education.
  10. If a student is found lying or cheating on any ABF application or in conduct regarding ABF, that student will be permanently ineligible for funding from ABF.
  11. Students are supported only when attending ABF-approved schools. Check with your regional ICR to determine if your school is approved by ABF.
  12. Schools are approved when an ABF ICR has visited the school in person and has verified the address and viability of the school.
  13. When a student applies for funding for a school whose tuition/expenses exceed our maximums, before ABF agrees to fund our maximum, the student must demonstrate the capability to pay (copies of bank records, for example) or an invoice showing payment has been made for the amount above our maximum. We usually prefer the student apply to a less expensive school.


What We Fund

  • Education Levels: Undergraduate, graduate, and vocational
  • Institutions located in: Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, or Zambia
  • Expenses: Funding awards can go toward paying for tuition, books, exams, housing, and transportation
  • Awards Types: Grants
  • Award distribution: Grants made payable only to educational institutions; approved online courses are eligible
  • Award Duration: One academic year or one vocational course length

Where We Fund

We currently only fund students from these countries. Please click on the name of your country to find information about who to contact if you have questions that aren’t answered on this site.

Who We Fund

Technical Eligibility Requirements (All Applicants)

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, or Zambia.
  • Applicants must reapply for funding each new academic term (year, semester, or length of vocational course).
  • Applicants must be enrolled in or admitted to an accredited educational institution.

Scholar Eligibility Requirements (All Applicants)

  • Applicants must be active and sincere students of Christian Science.
  • Applicants must currently be a member of The Mother Church and a Christian Science Branch Church/Society.
  • Applicants must take full responsibility for the application process and all communication with ABF Staff.
  • Applicants must actively ‘pass their blessings forward’ by enriching the lives of the people they touch either through altruism, spiritual activism, or volunteerism.

The Application and Award Process

  1. Application Creation and Submission: Once the Submission Guidelines and Apply Online instructions (including “What You Need to Know Before You Apply) have been read, an account can be created by completing our Online Registration Form. Upon receipt of our Login Activation email, entry to our online application system has been granted, and a new financial aid application form can be created. All applications must be submitted, complete, during the intake dates listed on our Application Deadlines page.
  2. Application Review: Once an online application is submitted, reviewed, and judged complete, applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview with one of our In-Country Representatives (ICRs). This interview is required and can be conducted over the phone or face-to-face.
  3. Result Notification All applicants are notified by email of the award decision, so we encourage applicants to check their email regularly during this time.

Have Any Questions?

Please contact either the In-Country Representative (ICR) in your region (you will find each current ICR in your country’s page on our website). You may also contact Mr. Lamech Katamba, Africa Program Manager at lamech@albertbakerfund.org or Mr. Dominique Bita’a Beling, Africa Processing Agent (and French speaker) at dominique.beling@albertbakerfund.org.

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