The Albert Baker Fund in Africa (English)

The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) is a Christian Science non-profit organization based in the U.S.A. ABF provides post-secondary educational grants only (no loans) for active Christian Scientists who are citizens of one of the 13 countries where ABF has established a program. Our awards are based on the applicant’s good academic standing and demonstrated financial need.

Important News for Applicants!

ABF currently operates scholarship programs in the following African countries.  There is a list of up to 15 approved schools per country.  You can review the list of approved schools by clicking on your country.  Please make sure your school is on the list of approved schools prior to applying.  Please also review ABF’s intake schedule, which is provided on our Application Deadline webpage.


Latest News from US site

Please click on the navigation tabs above to learn more about our organization. Before you apply, be sure to check our policies on eligibility and other factors under “Apply” and the subheading “Overview.”