Stories of Gratitude

We receive a large number of letters of gratitude from our recipients. Here is a sample of some that we’ve  recently received.

From Nigeria:

“I am deeply grateful for this great demonstration of Love. I am so short of words but full of gratitude for this great assistance. I will definitely spread this love in my school and everywhere I go. I am so happy and fulfilled just as my entire family is too.”

From Ghana:

“Each year of renewal of the ABF grant reflects how great and omniscient God is. It inspires me to fight all the seemingly challenges that come my way. Immediately after I got your mail I shouted out “yes, thank you God” not paying attention to the fact that some of my friends were around me. Not that I doubted the fact that my fees would be paid, but that when you rely on God, He would most definitely answer you at the right time.

I pray that the Lord Himself replenish the money you used in paying my fees in double folds, and that all those who contributed to this pool of resources will continually be blessed in all they do. Also to those who work at ABF, my sincere thanks for the hard work in making ABF a success.”

From Kenya:

“What an immense love! I’ve struggled on my own for quite long to raise money for some worthwhile training, but all in vain. Getting any source of educational funding for someone like me has been very elusive and was progressively turning to impossibility.

However, our all-loving Father has finally given me a lifeline through your compassion. I now have extreme hope and confidence that the support you’ve given me will, not only secure my future, but also go a long way to improve welfare of others who happen to be in distress like I’ve been.”

From Rwanda:

“I would like to thank a lot the ABF for having agreed to fund my studies. My studies mean a lot to me and I promise to use this chance and be among the best, which will help me in future. I am also grateful for my church to have given me enough resources to pass all the tests that I’ll be going through. I do appreciate each and everything the ABF is doing for me.”

From Zambia:

“I am so glad to inform you that as long as I live I will always be grateful for the support you have rendered to me, and I have to extend my hand in helping others as well. I will be completing soon my program and may the Good God bless all generous people who always put their efforts in this higher calling of God.”

From Cameroon:

“Thank you so much for that wonderful X-mas gift! May our Father-Mother God always bless your efforts and open you the unlimited channels to help more Christian Scientists around the world with their education. I am really grateful for willingness to support me. This experience is big with blessings–God’s promises never fail! I learned many lessons along the path that permit me to grow in my understanding that will bless everyone around me.”

From Kenya:

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of Albert Baker Fund and most sincerely pass my gratitude to the donors for the good work they are doing. To be frank, this is rare in my country Kenya. It is not easy to get a person or an organization which can commit itself to sponsor a student in a university of this caliber. Let me say that you are very unique people. I have faith that God will see me through my studies because this far He has brought me, I need to be always grateful. Thanks for your continued support and hope you will reach more young Christian Scientists who are eager to learn and are in need of financial support.”

From Zambia:

“Words cannot express what you have so lovingly done for me. Each time I see my life moving it is because of the love of God and the love you have had shown me in rendering me a very important help which I will never forget in life. It is my sincere prayer that God may continue blessing each and every hand that makes this work of him run at its climax. I once again say God bless you abundantly.”

From Nigeria:

“The Albert Baker Fund is more or less the Joshua, God (Divine Love) has sent, to meet me at the very point of my need. The truth remains, divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. To divine Mind and Love be the glory, honor and adoration. I thank the donors, past and present, to this fund and all those who assisted in their individual ways towards my getting this help.

I hereby promise to continue representing you (ABF), my church and the cause of Christian Science, well, within and without my school. I categorically state that, no dollar invested in me will be a waste; whether for the cause of Christian Science or in respect of my academics, even as I desire, without reservation, to contribute to this fund.”

From Cameroon:

“I thank you and ABF team so much about the awarding of my ABF grant. Through you, I know now that I will be a very important person for my community, my church and my country and that I will be an actor for the development of my country and the world.”

From Uganda:

“I am so much delighted by the news, thank you so much for breaking this life-time achievement to me, indeed, I will give the best every day in school to share and ensure I use the scholarship to serve its purpose. I confirm to you that the Church has given us materials and literature of Christian Science which has made me understand the purpose of life and to share with my colleagues the spiritual living, and my life has dramatically changed with Christian Science literature and practice.”

From Kenya:

“This is the first time that I am receiving such a fabulous and invaluable gift wrapped by divine Love’s own hand. I do not really know what to say but you can be sure I have had an emotional breakdown with tears flowing freely on my cheeks in disbelief that you found it important to award me this grant. I am the least of them all in my own sight and I thank the omnipotent God who has enabled me to find favor in His own eyes.

The idea of pursuing university education has dominated my life for decades but it has been far from being a reality due to financial constraints. I thank ABF for actualizing what has been a dream for decades into sweet manifestation of reality.

I will endeavor to be the best always in my class, to be good to my fellow-men and to God and to share the fruits of this gift with the society that I live in; to propagate Love’s divine mission by directing my skills, time and resources to serving the hurting populations of the universe. This is where I belong with a conviction!”