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It normally takes 6-8 weeks after the submission deadline for us to notify you whether or not your application was approved. In the meantime, you can view your status in the “system information” section near the bottom of your application. Here is a list of statuses and what they mean:

In Process: You are filling out the application and uploading required documents. When you’re done editing and adding, you can submit your completed application for review.  Any applications still in “In Process” at a submission deadline will be declined.

Admin Review: You have submitted your completed application and documents. Your application is now read-only, and you must wait until it is considered complete. We will contact your references directly.

In Repair: ABF staff has reviewed your application and requested additional information or documents. You must edit, add, and resubmit as directed by ABF staff.  Any students with applications still in “In Repair” at a submission deadline will have one week to complete and submit their applications for review.  Any incomplete applications remaining after one week will be declined.

PM Review: The Regional Program Managers (RPMs) are reviewing your application.

RVP Review: An ABF In-Country Representative (ICR)  will contact you about scheduling an interview. You must talk with the Rep and answer questions about your application.  If an interview takes place by phone, the ICR will pay for the cost of the call.

PM Recommendation: The International Programs Manager is doing the final review of the application and ICR comments.

CEO Review: Our CEO is reviewing all of the applications that have been recommended by the International Programs Manager and will make the final award decision.  When a decision has been made, you will no longer be able to log into your application; you will receive an result notification email on the same day.