Beneficiaires de l’ABF

Anyone who has received a grant from The Albert Baker Fund is considered an ABF alumnus, even if you are still in school. We encourage our alumni to stay in touch, share their gratitude, take our surveys, and participate in our private Facebook group.

Staying In Touch

We have a list of our alumni, but we’ve lost touch with many of you. If you are not receiving our emails and newsletters, please sign up for our mailing list using this form:

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    Sharing Gratitude

    As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we are collecting gratitude from all of our recipients. Please let us know what support from the Albert Baker Fund has meant to you, and how you’ve “passed the blessing forward” to the Christian Science Movement, your community, your workplace and the world! Pictures and videos are encouraged. Please use our online form to submit your story. You can see examples of gratitude that others have shared on our Gratitude page.

    Alumni News

    We have provided grants to more than 300 students in Africa. Click here to learn where our first students in Africa are working.

    ABF Alumni Email Address

    You can also email us directly at

    ABF Alumni on Facebook

    We have a fan page on Facebook, and we would appreciate if you’d “Like” The Albert Baker Fund.