Albert Baker Fund Online Application

Returning ABF Applicants:

If you are a returning ABF applicant, please use the same login information that you used for your previous application. If you’ve forgotten your login information, please submit a Help Request to Administrative Staff asking for a reminder.

New ABF Applicants:

If you are a new ABF applicant, simply click below where it says “Start new application here,” and then follow the instructions.

Saving Your Progress:

In order to save your progress, be sure to click “Next” after you’ve completed filling out the required fields of any particular page of the application. This will allow you to continue working from where you left off should you need to stop working on your application for any reason.

Your Application’s Status:

You can check the status of your application by clicking “Home” in the sidebar. If the status reads “Created” or “Incomplete,” then you still have access to your application, and need to submit it in order for ABF to begin reviewing it. Any other status means we are reviewing it and will communicate with you when necessary.

Having trouble? Please complete the “Help Request” form linked in the sidebar below.